Securing a future of global growth

At the heart of our growth and diversification strategy lies our $1.6 billion Security business — the platform that most clearly demonstrates the successful evolution of our company and offers a blueprint for our continued future growth. Over the last several years, we have focused extensive resources on building our Security business into a meaningful contributor to our bottom line and a powerful industry player, and today we offer one of the most comprehensive security solutions in the industry.

In the process, we have succeeded in strategically diversifying our revenue streams and identifying and developing important new growth platforms, such as Stanley Healthcare Solutions. We have also honed our integration skills, proving our gold-standard processes for capturing synergies and building on the strengths of acquired companies, to develop a comprehensive, best-in-class Security business.

A comprehensive service, a resilient business
Between our Convergent (Electronic) Security Solutions (CSS) business and our Mechanical Access Solutions (MAS) business, Stanley offers one of the world's most comprehensive arrays of services, industry-leading products and cutting-edge technologies.

These businesses have proved resilient through the recent difficult economic environment, and Stanley as a whole has benefited tremendously from this segment's steady earnings and high margins.

  • Sales for the division increased 4% in 2009 over 2008, and profits grew 14%
  • Our use of Local Customer Teams to leverage cross-selling opportunities and across our CSS and MAS businesses added $43 million in revenue in 2009
Convergent Security Solutions
2009 Highlights
  • Successful integration of multiple acquisitions in 2008 and proactive management of the core business throughout 2009 resulted in sales growth of 12%
  • Operating margin increased 280 bps to ~19%, as the business continued to benefit from proactive cost measures taken early in 2009 as well as ongoing integration benefits
  • SFS fueled a 16% increase in working capital turns
Mechanical Access Solutions
2009 Highlights
  • Successful implementation of productivity projects and cost reductions resulted in 90 bps expansion in operating margin
  • Working capital turns increased 14.7% to a record high
  • Achieved 16% return on capital employed (ROCE), an increase of 140 bps over 2008
  • Outperformed the market by taking share, and retained 100% of national sales accounts

An aggressive growth strategy remains a key priority for Stanley and we have positioned ourselves well to continue to build aggressively on both our CSS and MAS platforms. The growth prospects are significant and meaningful — we see opportunities to increase our share and expand our operations into adjacent business lines, and with the $1 billion in additional free cash flow we expect to generate as a result of our transaction with Black & Decker, we will have increased resources to do just that.

Explore our Security Financial Highlights.

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Download a full copy of the 2009 Stanley Black & Decker Annual Report To Shareholders, which includes the Letter to Shareholders, Stanley Financial Summaries and the Stanley 10-K. You can also download a copy of the 2009 Black & Decker 10-K.

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Mechanical Access Solutions

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Convergent Security Solutions

Intelligent and scalable, our integrated Access Control solutions protect investments large and small.

A Stanley Access Technologies sliding door system at the Jacksonville, Florida, airport.

Founded more than 150 years ago, Stanley is now a leading provider of quality and innovative hardware and security products.

Stanley participated in the ASIS annual conference, the world’s most comprehensive educational and networking event in the security industry.

The Stanley Commander integrated security solution ensures all is safe at the Conseco Field House, home of the Indiana Pacers.

Stanley Access provided automated door solutions for the recently completed MGM City Center elevated train system in Las Vegas.

A Stanley demonstration area at the 2009 ASIS conference.

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