Growth Prospects

Expanding opportunities in global infrastructure

Our strength in Industrial Tools provides an entrée into a new and high-potential growth platform for Stanley: Infrastructure Solutions. Over the next 25 years more than $45 trillion is expected to be invested in infrastructure projects around the globe. Stanley has proven capabilities in developing some of the world's best industrial and hydraulic tools, and we see a tremendous opportunity to grab our piece of the expanding global infrastructure pie.

Infrastructure solutions in action
Stanley Hydraulic Tools is already one of the world's largest hand-held hydraulic tool manufacturers, with more then 150 hand-held hydraulic tools and over 30 mounted impact tools. Building off of our strong base within this high-return business, we are actively seeking to acquire niche, global players that provide high-quality engineered tools and services to key emerging infrastructure end markets. Consistent with the acquisition strategy we employ across the entire company, we are identifying companies that are market leaders with above-average returns, and focusing on expanding our presence in the water and sewer, railway, oil and gas segments.

Transaction benefits
This strategic growth area will see significant benefits from the $1 billion in additional free cash flow we expect to generate as a result of our transaction with Black & Decker. By deploying that capital smartly in ways that produce above-average returns for our shareholders, we believe that with Infrastructure Solutions we can again build something great.

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Download a full copy of the 2009 Stanley Black & Decker Annual Report To Shareholders, which includes the Letter to Shareholders, Stanley Financial Summaries and the Stanley 10-K. You can also download a copy of the 2009 Black & Decker 10-K.

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