Integration Success Stories

Combining Consumer Tools & Storage and Bostitch into a single, stronger entity

In 2009, we set out to streamline our CDIY platform by integrating its two primary segments — our Consumer Tools & Storage division and our Bostitch division — into one stronger operating entity. The closer integration of the two segments made perfect sense, especially given their commonalities:

  • Shared ultimate end-user: the professional customer (especially those in framing, roofing, finishing and flooring)
  • Combined 279-year heritage: Each brand has more than 100 years of history
  • Leading brands: Both lead the rankings for brand awareness among their direct competitors and yield tremendous marketing leverage
  • Mutual dedication to unyielding new product development and innovation
  • Common customers and geographies

Given the clear, strong fit, we had identified this integration as a smart, decisive action to better navigate the tough markets of 2009 and prepare the CDIY platform for growth in 2010 and beyond, but we did not realize the true extent of the success we would achieve from this move in such a short period of time.

Leveraging global experience to drive success
By leveraging the best in operations, talent and resources from both divisions, the combined business performed better in 2009 than either would have performed independently. We employed our SFS principles of eliminating redundancy and complexity, and adopted a laser-focus on execution against a set of well-defined priorities. We leveraged the strengths of being part of a large organization but executed with the focus and speed of a smaller organization. The result: Our CDIY platform as a whole exceeded profitability expectations despite reduced unit volume.

The first-ever Bostitch Hand Tools
And with the enhanced understanding and connectivity to Stanley and Bostitch's shared ultimate end-user, we launched the first-ever Bostitch Hand Tool line in November with more than 100 products. The response to this line has exceeded our expectations, proving that combining the brand leverage, innovation and hand-tool expertise inherent in the combined CDIY business is a formula for success.

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